Third Industrial Revolution? by Peter Troxler
Third indistrial Revolution? 
Peter Troxler - Industrial engineer
- PhD 1999
- Factory automation (2 million "fablab" thing)
- Knowledge managment / Research
- Fringe theater company and arts festivals (1990s; 2000s)
- Knowledge managment researchers (2000s) Helping researchers share knowledge
- 2008/2009 Fablab Amsterdam
2010 Fab6
- Fablab Luzern ....
Neil: coming revolution on your desktop
Jeremy Riofkin: How lateral power is transforming enervy, the ecomony and the world
Chris: Makers: the new industrial revoltion
giving open access acces to hardware, might start the same opensource revolution in hardware
technology for one, is not, but also boring
overcoming the digital divide also counts for our world
The next industrial revolution, atoms are the new bits
Gizomodo: Atoms are not bits, wired is not a businis magazine 
We've had it with the top down centralized. Where going to networked lateral. 
1st: printing press, steam power
2nd: electrical communication, oil powered combustion engine
3rd: internet, renewables, smart buildings, smart grid, E-mobility 
Changes in communication and energy couses revolution
Ruhrgebied is celebrating the 19th century, will be celebrating the 20th on oil platforms? 
OpenSourceSoftware == Opensource hardware? 
Peter thinks it's naive to think we can just transfer uses from opensource to open hardware 
Some of the fablabs are rooted in the old world, rooted in the 1st and 2nd revolution. 
Industrial revolution: 
exploitation of labour
command and control
Time motion studies 
Tavistock insitute
the socio thecnical system. Hey scientivic management people, your missing out. (Erik Trist, Ken Bamforth, Fred Emery)
room and pillar method -> 
getting coal from walls, but leaving pillars. Human sized
-> ...
let's get away with those pillars, it's coal. 
Disrupting the social fabric. 
How to run a factory
usually based on central manegment, managing people. 
Not networked, fablab, diy
The cathedral and the Bazaar (200)
"Linux is subversive"
Counter intuative. It's not possible for scientific managment. 
Cathedral (centrally designed) vs. bazaar (negotiation, noice, but very productive)
We need people to know how to play Linux's game. 
There is nothing more practical than a good theory (Kurt Lewin)
Music: Picacy
Journalism: NY times -> Huffinton post
Encyclopedia: -> wikipedia 
we're not sure how to do that in Fablabs? 
Read the quotes online
How do we organize this ecosystem of peer production? 
We're a part of the Fablab outreach programme
Fab, the Book. the future is here, but not evenly distributed 
The landscape
- 1k
- 10 k
- 100k (outreach) (ponsy sheme) 
- 1000k / 1M (MIT)
1000k & 100K: Fab washing
but this is not what we are about. We are serious about the community, the making. 
Read Stalman about intelectial property
How do we organize the ecosystem?
a: traditional knoeledge of governance?
b: experience from OSS? 
c: Trail and error? continues beta 
d: do what we know?
Looking at economists? (check slides for names)
Let's organize? 
- be prepared to be supriced
- dare to fail
- ...
Discussion, questions: