TOPIC STREAM: Organization

This stream covers the Organization of a grassroots fablab in all its facets - from a first idea to running a fablab - and will bring together practitioners, starters, makers and researchers.

Topics that will be addressed are

  • the grassroots approach versus the institutional approach
  • defining a labs ambition
  • size matters: do not try it alone
  • getting a team together
  • obtaining space and equipment
  • funding, the dangers of subsidy addiction
  • business models and continuity
  • involving the local community
  • becoming part of the (inter)national fablab community
  • role of the labmanager
  • best practices of existing labs incl. access to the lab
  • get a kickstart by learning from others incl. the fabacademy
  • value of the fab charter

Contributions on these (and other) topics are welcome. And of course practical hands-on activities and workshops, as fablab is about making things and tools. See our call for contributions.