Bas Pijls, Lasercut cookies
Tinkerer, teacher at the HvA (hogeschool van amsterdam)
Colleques were using the Trotec Speedy 500 in the HvA lab to make engraved "Cafe noir" cookies.
Hack42 did the same, but it didn't work so well, so they blamed Verkade, the maker of the cookies.
META - Making Electronic Thingies in Amsterdam (first monday of the month)
Thijmen Schep asked: can we make QR codes on cookies
How to laser etch a cookie?
* measure
* make a jig out of cardboard
* etch the bitmap
QR codes didn't work, not enough contrast
After trying for a long time, it worked.
  • drive speed 25, laser power, 5, laser freq 1000 on speedy 500
    Scaling up: 500 cookies!
    -> machine got full with sugar, needed to be cleaned after about 30 cookies
    Festival De Beschaving, Utrecht
    setup had a stand there, with 
    * anti face-recognition paint
    * QR code tatoo
    * cookies
    Cookies with 3 QR codes, representing an emotion: Excited, Touched, Enlightened. By scanning, you would go to a URL, sending your phone ID + GPS location, with emotion.
    Tracking cookies: like on the website :-)
    Lessons learned:
    * cookies can be laser-etched, but they don't taste very good (if your machine is dirty)
    * sugar in your laser cutter is not so nice
    QR codes can be read
    * if the contrast is high enough
    * but not too shiny
    * and if laser strong enough
    TNO has a online TED talk about food-SLS