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Jelle Boomstra - Hands Off Printing

procedure / fabsheets

slicing ok
'gcode' preview  is unclear
concept of gcode should not burden user
Fabsheet wasn't up-to-date: CURA can also print
profiles, should be clear which to use, which is being used
better to print first with standard profile, let them adjust profile for their model
drop dutch version, develop english until stable
fabsheet table is appendix
two parts: basic printing, further info to improve
expectation to change setting on pressing print
troubleshooting section in fabsheet
Test person had the tendency to clean the nozle 


connection speed, which com port which baudrate.
select right com-port, only one port, no label 'baudrate'
no message you are connected, just some text at right side
no 3D model preview in slicer
rotating models
temperature absent simple mode
heating up cylce is unclear what is happening
not message print is ready, no instructions in fabsheet


no instructions how to setup, 
Z-endstop was incorrect, better to remove than not function
how to turning