Fablab Hall of Shame presentation pdf

How to lose money: beware for thieves!
How to break your laser tubes in cold weather: antifreeze
How to break your website: local copy issues, check access feature came back
How to act on overheating while lasering: think in real solutions not in workaround like putting icewater in the bucket...
for safety never assume on anything!  if something is out of order: shut the machine down! And work on maintenance
Be safe, not smart! 
Never use handcloths
clothes get stuck in machines: beware!
people: the worst tool ever invented
Jelle: pvc used without paying:
mistake 1: we called her (time)
mistake 2: she came back and wanted to pay only 10 euro; big fuss for nothing; lots of ego
Harmen: pick your fights with people to convey the message
Make them pay by setting up a counter, (un)manned
50 euro and earn it back: some labmanagers don't like to ask for money (rule became unclear): be clear itis the easiest!